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Our Philosophy

Keep It Simple- the basic fundamentals reveal so much. Grip, stance, posture, and alignment are the foundation of the golf swing. It is necessary to understand them, work on them, and continually check them throughout your golfing days. Remember, 95% of the errors stem from poor fundamentals.

Getting Into Your Shoes- studies reveal that students learn best once they experience that the teacher can relate to their issues and concerns. After questions and answers are exchanged between the coach and client, an outline for the lesson is verbally explained.  This gets us on the same page from the start and sets the tone for optimum learning.

Bottom Line Results-  your satisfaction is our guarantee. With results comes satisfaction.  We define excellence as a comittment to completion and are confident that we can coach you to successful completion of your goals.

"Labor of Love"-  We love to coach and know the benefits when the student enjoys the process of learning.  The atmosphere can range from being serious to being amused.  There always needs to be some room for a little bit of laughter.  Enjoying the process lends itself to a domino effect of less tension or stress, more relaxation, lighter grip pressure, better feel, better tempo, and better shot making over-all.

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