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Casual Golf Lessons

“Testing The Water" Lesson

The purpose -  allow a new client to see, feel, and experience instruction with our professional staff without any further obligation.

Intended Results - From this lesson, you may learn:

  • The style and format for a lesson, used by the golf professional
  • The comfort level that is possible between you and the teacher
  • An answer to a specific issue or problem you want to understand
  • The value and benefits of working with a seasoned professional
  • If this is the right place for you to invest your money to improve your skills.

Structure - during this lesson, you will have a short dialog of questions and answers with the professional, determining what it is that you want to learn during the session. In most cases, the client will hit several balls while the pro determines the fundamental flaws that are present. The flaw is explained, the solution is delivered, the application process begins, and a new result is experienced. A practice regiment is suggested and lastly, the lesson is reviewed to verify complete understanding.

The "Once In A While"... Lesson

Purpose - The purpose of this lesson is any of the following, but not limited to:

  • refresh your memory
  • get you back into the swing of things after time off
  • find an answer to a new problem that showed up out of nowhere
  • eliminate an obligated feeling to return for another lesson

Intended Results
- In this type of lesson, you might find:

  • The feeling of sensation you’ve been trying to remember.
  • That your muscles have more memory than you give them credit for.
  • You are back on track and got your question answered.
  • A nugget of information that was exactly what you were hoping to receive.

- These lessons are structured the same way as the “Testing The Water” lessons. The same format will take place even thought you might want to have instruction or questions answered in the short game area.

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